How to get from Barcelona to Monaco by train, car or airplane

  Once we spent a week in Barcelona and took all that the city could offer us. After that we decided to travel a little and to begin a trip to Monaco.
We went from Barcelona in the afternoon by train and arrived in the night in Figueres — a small town in the Pyrenees, the place of birth of great artist Salvador Dali. Art lovers will be interested to know that the city is an excellent Figueres Dali museum, known far beyond Spain. After studying the train schedule, we spent the night at a local hotel, and next morning went to the station.

    There we bought train tickets to Montpellier and waiting for the train hit the road. In a way we had to change trains at Narbonne, but our connection was so short that we did not even take a cup of coffee.

   Arriving at Montpellier, we immediately went to the car rental Montpellier office. As in any European city, the office located near the train station, so we found it very quickly. We searched the car for a long time because we were six, and for this reason we needed a minivan. In the end, minivan was found and we hit the road.

   Distance from Montpellier to Monaco is 345 miles, so the way we stopped twice — in Marseilles and in Nice. Although stops were short-lived, we still lingered in the way and arrived in Monaco closer to the night. Please note that on the road our GPS-navigator don’t always show the right way and so we had to periodically check our way to an ordinary paper map. Also, I strongly advise all drivers to glance at the road signs: sometimes it helps to orient much better than GPS. There is also cheap flights from Barcelona to Monaco and low cost flights from Monaco to Barcelona.