How to get from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol to Amsterdam Sentraal, City Center, the Netherlands

     If some nice travel agent sells you a tour to Amsterdam and at the same time trying to tear you from 100-150 euros for transfer to the airport, you can safely swear this company in your twitter. Get from the airport to the Сity Сenter is very easy, worth the trip very cheap and you do not necessarily enrich the travel agencies and taxi drivers, Amsterdam.

The first and easiest option - is to train. Go through passport control, get the luggage and walks on the signs to the station, which is located at the airport. Train tickets for domestic travel are available from the yellow ticket machines near the platforms at Schiphol Plaza.Tickets (for domestic and international travel) are also available from the ticket offices, which are situated close to the red / white-checked cube at Schiphol Plaza. Staff at the ticket offices will also be able to provide you with train departure information.

Incidentally, did you know that you can also purchase your train ticket well in advance? You can either buy one from a ticket machine or ask for a ticket without a date at one of the NS-service desks. It is possible to do so for both the outward and return journey. All you have to do on the day of travel is stamp your ticket at a machine on one of the platforms.

One-way ticket costs just over 7 euros, and want to train so often that you barely have time to smoke a cigarette. If you are departing/arriving at night or in the early morning, the NS night network could be the answer. The night trains travel once an hour between Utrecht CS - Amsterdam CS - Schiphol - Leiden CS - Den Haag CS - Delft and Rotterdam CS and vice versa.
Travelling by train takes approximately 25 minutes, the road train stopped several times on the suburban stations, the final stop - Amsterdam Centraal Station. On the road you can admire the typical Dutch landscapes - channels, small houses and manicured soccer fields. Arriving at Amsterdam Centraal Station, you can walk to his hotel on foot (the center of the city is very compact) or tram.

How about the reverse way? Nothing is easier! You can go to the airport to the nearest train, but if you live in an expensive luxury hotel, you can go there on free hotel buses to the airport - for hotel guests, they are almost always free.