How to get and what to do on Tibidabo, Barcelona, Spain

     How to get to Tibidabo:

Tibidabo Barcelona directions

First you need to get on the city train FGC to stop Avinguda del Tibidabo, then on the antique Blue tram (Tramvia Blau) - up to a little square Doctor Andreu (placa de Doctor Andreu), thence by old cable car - up to the Tibidabo. The tram is very slow and has one open area, so if you have a shred of common sense, I recommend standing on it - it's much nicer than sitting under the hot rays of the Catalan sun, which does not always spare the tourists even in winter.

For those wishing to enter the park without transplants running a special Tibibus, starting from the entrance of local strore El Corte Ingle's on the Plaza Catalunya, but it certainly is not at all.

What to see:
Tibidabo - is not a pagan gibberish and the words of the Gospel, spoken in Latin: I give to you. According to legend, because the devil tempted Jesus by showing him from the mountain top all the beauty of the world.

Tibidabo is located at the city park, located at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level. Tibidabo Park with it’s observation tower and all imaginable attractions inevitably becomes one of the most vivid memories of each resident of Barcelona.

At the top of the mountain is redemptive Temple of the Sacred Heart, topped with a statue of Christ, opening the arms of the world. The most modern view of the city from the observation deck offers a futuristic tower (Torre de Collserola; € 4,40), the most traditional - with a Ferris wheel in the antediluvian located at the top of the amusement park (Parc d'Atraccions Tibidabo, specify the schedule in advance). Most of the units it remained unchanged since that time, when the electricity was still a novelty, and rides on Tibidabo - the first and only amusement park in Spain. In addition to Ferris wheel and old-fashioned swing-roundabouts in the park has allegedly abandoned Kru"eger Hotel El Terror with all kinds of terrible ghosts and the Museum of Mechanical Automata (Museu d'Auto'mats), which I strongly recommend to visit.