How to Eat Cheap in London, UK

   London cheap Eats is that not just tourist interested in, but also London people. Every day everyone need to find delicious but cheap places to dine in London. There are many different ways how to eat in London for less. than 10 pounds in London.  

    First of all try Starbucks, where you can eat a sandwich with coffee, Starbucks is now offering free unlimited Wi-Fi. Sturbucks are where to eat cheap in Mayfair, Belgravia, ot London`Tower.
But better, in my opinion,  he American cheap food in London Sosta Coffee, Caffè Nero, Eat and Pret A Manger (or just Pret), where sandwiches are more tasty, and a variety of salads more there are also lovely good cooked soup for cheap.

    London Italian restaurants and London Italian cafes, where you can find a sandwich or salad and gain pouds. But remember that each additional filling sandwich is cost some money. Pizza-Pizza Express has good pizzas at a reasonable price, this is a multichain in the UK, also La Strada for pizza and Italian cuisine in London. There is cheap Italian restaurant in London the Vapiano restaurant. In Vapiano is a very cheap London Italian restaurant, where everybody use a ‘chip card’ to order food or drinks from the bar.

    In grocery stores, as Sainsbury's , Tesco, M & S, Waitrose, located sometimes quite close to each other, you can find a great variety of ready-to-eat sandwiches, pastries,mini cakes, cheese, fruit, vegetables salads, salads with chicken, fish, juices, and Musa, sushi. But you have to eat outdoors, in a London park or a small square (or on the lawn). Summer picnic at lunchtime is very popular in London. Pay attention to the products in the packing, if it comes to an end, these salads much discounting, the package will be pasted yellow sticker «Reduced».

    London Chinatown is a good place to eat a quick meal that's not too pricey. For Peking duck and fried noodles with seafood lovers there is an wide choice of London Chinese restaurants in the China Town, close to Soho and Leicester Square that is there you can cheap eat in Soho. I advice you to choose the restaurant with numbers of visitors to the eastern nationality.