Hamburg Port Tours, Germany

   Perhaps the most picturesque in Hamburg - Port. Here is the Elbe with numerous ships, and the picturesque high bank to the park and the original buildings, and much more. You can start the walk from the subway station Baumval (Baumwall).

Coming out of the subway station Baumval (Baumwall), will go to the waterfront Shtaynheft (Steinhöft). You will see a triangular area formed by the waterfront and two bridges across the canal Alsterflet. Canal ends here, and it starts on the waterfront Jungfernstieg.

According to it, the water flow into the river Alster Elbe. Right bridge stands over the mouth of the channel. In fact, it's not just one but three parallel bridge: Metro flyover and on either side - two road bridge with a broad, elevated above the roadway pavements. Left the bridge is more interesting because it runs on two airlock. Through these gates pass pleasure boat, swimming in the Elbe River from the pier on the waterfront Jungfernstieg. Next to the gateway, the bridge is a small building a pumping station, built in 1966 (after the disastrous floods of 1962). Despite its small size, it performs a vital function: during floods, when the gates are closed, three pump stations that pumped water from the Elbe Alster, that it is not flooded the lower part of the city.

On the waterfront noteworthy office building, lined light granite with the inscription «Elb Hof» at the top of the symmetrical facade. This magnificent monument of architecture in art nouveau style, designed by Walter Martens in 1905. Two of the portal on the sides of its facade decorated with carved stone above the symbolic portrait of the goddess of the river Elbe with a crown on his head as the emblem of Hamburg.

If you go past the fire station, you can reach a vast area Schaarmarkt. Previously, there was crowded harbor folk (Schaar - the crowd), and now over the deserted complex of buildings dominated by gray-colored zinc, resembling a squadron handsome ships. It housed a major newspaper and magazine publishing «Gruner und Jahr». The complex, built in 1990 Munich's architects Otto Steidl and Uwe Kiesler, is one of the most famous works of modern architecture in Hamburg. At the other end of the square tower of the church of St. Michael.

The first pier was built in Hamburg in the year 832. The decisive moment for the development of the port began in 1189 when the Kaiser Friedrich I Barbarossa granted the town the right to trade on the lower Elbe, excluding taxes and fees. Today, the port facilities were stretched for 87 kilometers, among which 70 piers for river and sea vessels.