Grand Hotel Waldhause Flims, Switzerland

     This is probably the best European hotel where I happened to have a rest and I'll try to convince you of this. Situated in the mountains, Grand Hotel Waldhause Flims is close to Flimserstein and Laax Ski Resort.

Comfortabel Room
In Moscow, I once had to live alone in a 5-room apartment, but neither before nor after the Grand Hotel Waldhause Flims I do not ever see in my bathroom living rose. Also, I would point out an excellent view from a window, balcony on which you can go out and smoke and a very spacious room with an excellent double bed.

Fruits in the corridor
If you wanted to eat at night, you don’t need to call the concierge. It suffices to throw a robe, go into the corridor and (oh, wonder!) discover there is a table with fresh fruits. Bon Appetit!

Wonderful breakfast
At breakfast, you will find fresh figs, warmed milk for your coffee (cold milk makes the coffee in the broth) and even a special juicer to help you prepare cucumber and carrot fresh.

Indoor swimming pool with hydromassage
In this basin, glass walls and in the winter I swimming in it, considering the snow-covered fir. The pool is very warm, and besides, there are excellent hydromassage installations, which will make you feel young.

Heated pool
Just imagine — you swim in warm water, and you head to the snow flakes fall. There is also a jacuzzi, which I highly recommend spending a few minutes.

Wharm underground galleries
Once you have enough to swim, and then refreshed with almonds and pine nuts, you don’t have to pull on a sweater and jeans, to get to your room number. You can do it just walking in wharm underground galleries, in which there is no draft.

Excellent billiard
Even in the most expensive hotels in billiard tables and balls are not good. In the Grand Hotel Waldhause Flims table and billiard supplies, looked as if they were brought from the shop the day before my arrival. Bonus: in the billiard hall you can smoke.

If you are reading in English, French, German or Italian, we offer you a good library with the works of classics of world literature.

If you get bored, you can go to one of the museums in the hotel. Personally, I liked the local Museum of consumer electronics.