Geneva Vacations, Switzerland

Where is Geneva located? Geneva is located in the French-speaking part of Switzerland Geneva on the lake Leman. Swiss Geneva is a city for bankers, U.N. bureaucrats, watchmakers and jewelers. Geneva has a rich 2,000-year-old history, is on the edge of a nice Lake Leman (better known as Lake Geneva) and Mont Blanc (literally "White Mount") seen from Geneva country side, and the Rhone River, which Geneva's bridges span. Geneva is such a nice and a calm city to spend a few days in. Geneva is relatively small, with good public transport genevois and is extremely cosmopolitan. Geneva is the place what you can chose because there is a lot of things to do in Geneva and a lot of things to see in Geneva. It is a bit bigger than some of the smaller towns. Geneva is the second most populous city in Switzerland (after Zürich).

In Genève you can remember the passionate speeches by John Calvin who led the Protestant Reformation and gave birth to his new, eponymous religious movement, Calvinism. Geneva earned the reputation of a new Jerusalem – of a “Protestant Rome” more Catholics than reformed Christians live here.
In order to learn more about Calvin, the great reformer whose 500th anniversary of birth was celebrated in 2009, head to the Old Town of Geneve City and start by visiting his own church, the St-Pierre Cathedral, important to understand the spirit that guides citizens of modern Geveva Switzerland. St-Pierre is divided in three sections: The Cathedral and its towers; the Auditorium, where Calvin himself taught; and the International Museum of the Reformation. You may climb the 157 steps to the summit of the cathedral's north tower for just CHF 2, and your reward for the effort is a fabulous panorama overlooking the Geneva city and the lake.

In Genewa everything reminds you that this is the capital of the country's watch-making industry. For example, the Flower Clock in the English Garden on the Left Bank is a masterpiece of floral art and technology. Built in 1955, the clock's second hand stretches more than 2.5 meters, making it the world's largest.


The international face of Geneva comes from the more than 200 global companies in Geneva and organizations located here. The Geneva Palace of Nations in Ariana Park has housed the United Nations Office since 1946 is one of the oldest international organization. The Palace and its magnificent Assembly Hall, the largest room in the building, are well worth visiting, and from April to June, as well as in September and October, guided tours can be booked for just CHF 10.

Geneva Europe is finely landscaped parks and gardens covering 310 hectares make the city a pleasure to stroll. Head towards the luscious Botanical Garden and then to the picturesque waterfront of Lake Geneva to take a few photos of the iconic Jet d'Eau. This man-made jet rises 140 meters into the air, releasing 500 liters of water per second at a speed of 200 km/h! So don’t stop closer than 500 meters are sure to get very wet.


In Genva there is a wide of Geneva hotels available for all budgets. There is also a wide of Geneva restaurants, Geneva shops, Geneva spa, and Geneva entertainment.