Escape the Winter to Santa Monica, CA, USA

    When it snows in New York or in Toronto and especially in Europe), and you are in Los Angeles on business, not to give a rush for spend free time on a day trip to Hollywood. It is much better idea is to take a taxi (in the City of Angels trip is not worth big bucks), and go to Santa Monica — a small town in western Los Angeles County, California. Here you can enjoy a cool breeze blowing in from the Pacific Ocean and boasts magnificent beaches, where you can relax and bask in the sun.

    I don’t advise you to swim, because in winter the water temperature is not rising above +20, but we recommend your to put feet in the Pacific Ocean. Be sure to grab a book or magazine and send it to hell your laptop or tablet - rested several hours in the warm white sand and rested from the countless emails and Twitter, you'll feel like a different person.

    If you lie sick, walk on the pier shop, located right on the beach. There you can eat, and we recommend that you do it in a famous restaurant Bubba Gump, named after the famous Forrest Gump company, which serves excellent fish and shrimp. In addition to the pier you will be able to ride a Ferris wheel, take a picture of lazy cormorants and order a portrait artist. In general, as Mark Twain would say, at this pier is all that gives life value, and he was an expert in these things.

   P.S. A taxi rank is at the beginning of the pier, so you probably will not be late to the Los Angeles airport.