Fun Things To Do With kids At Disney, World Epcot Center, USA

There were a lot of problems with my planning a trip for family in Walt Disney World Epcot. I wanted to make our family reunion cruise, and to make memories. Me and kids (daughter 7yo and son 12 yo) have never been to Disney Epcot and I thought we should go to each park. But my husband went there when he was about 5 and was bored to tears. He said me he wants to skip Disney World Epcot. I told him what Disney World has really changed since he was 5 that's for sure. I thought we should go to each park. My husband decided to go with us, even he will be bored.

Epcot price of entrance just about floored me. But I thought, "Hey, it's Disney. It'll be spectacular."

Kevin, our kids and I arrived at Epcot center around 9:45 via shuttle from our Epcot hotel. Epcot is a bit different from the other amusement parks in Orlando. It's the most "adult" of all the Disney parks, with lots of interesting Epcot attractions, Epcot food, and drinks. When I was planning our visit to Epcot I tried to allow two full days to touring the park.

First day at Epcot (Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow) we spent mostly in Future World. We boarded the Epcot Spaceship Earth. Inside a 180-foot high geodesic sphere, we could board a time machine and see planet Earth from cave men to men in space, and then create a future for ourselves.

Then, we went off to Mission Space to experience launching a rocket in a simulator. Another great ride! There were two levels of intensity. Mission: SPACE is meant to simulate astronaut training for the first manned mission to Mars aboard the fictional X-2 Deep Space Shuttle in 2036, the seventy-fifth anniversary of Yuri Gagarin becoming the first man in space. Epcot attraction queue contains several items and commemorative plaques from past, present and fictional future space missions. Before boarding the simulators, each of us was assigned an on-board role (navigator, pilot, commander and engineer) Upon conclusion of the training exercise, we were invited to participate in activities at the Advanced Training Lab, a post-show area containing a group game called Mission: SPACE Race in which we performed tasks as Mission Control technicians aiding two X-2 spacecraft racing to return to Earth. My son John said it "really felt like he was going into outer space!"

For lunch, a really good place is the lunch buffet in Epcot Germany. $23.99 for all you wish to eat, soft drinks included and great home cooked food and plenty of it and great variety.

"Soarin" was a great experience and we went on that two times. This is a combination IMAX-like screen with a section of a ferris wheel.

Fast Track -- the best epcot ride there and I could have ridden it a few more times

We ate Epcot dinner at the Kringla Bakeri og Cafe in Epcot Norway. All the portions were huge, so we were able to buy two meals and share it among four people (we had the Disney Dining Plan). Epcot desserts there were heavenly. I and my daughter spend some time with Epcot Nemo and Friends, and enjoyed the aquarium a lot. We especially loved Test Track and Spaceship Earth, but Mission Space and Epcot Soarin was great too. In Future World, a lot of the rides and exhibits need updating - how ironic!

We stayed for the fireworks at the end for the day! I was really amazing!

After we saw all we needed to see in Epcot Future World we then went to the World Showcase which was absolutely wonderful. I went mainly for the Epcot World Showcase. I was fascinated to know just how "real" it would feel! Of course, it was a rather stereotyped and Epcot Disneyfied view of each country, but that was inevitable. It was simply the best attempt at capturing the atmosphere and feel of a country that is humanly possible. For the countries, one favorite is Epcot Mexico, but there are many worth a visit.

Having previously been to Epcot Japan, Epcot Italy, Epcot France, Germany, I was really, impressed by all the attention to detail.

We ate epcot lunch in the French bistro (Chefs de France, downstairs) It was one of the best French meals we have ever eaten including in France, and was very reasonable at about $25 for 4 courses. We have just enjoyed an excellent French onion soup with Gruyere cheese. We really believed we were in France, except for all the American accents around us!

The San Marco square looked really great! We ate at the Japanese restaurant, served by Japanese waiters. It was quite interesting. The films at the Epcot China and French pavilions are really worth seeing. The Epcot Morocco exhibit is very high quality. And the Japanese candy artist is really amazing. The World Showcase is at the back of Epcot and opens later than the park 11am. Each Epcot Country has a place to dine, a epcot bar or at least somewhere to buy a local drink and a epcot shop as well as shows that are performed at various points throughout the day.

It was a lot of people in the disney's epcot the days we visited, and we had to stand over 30 minutes in line for lunch.

Our visit to Epcot was one of the most enjoyable vacations we ever had!