Dress Code in Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza Spain, often called the White Island - la Isla Blanca is well-known for its summer club parties. Amazing cove beaches and discotheques is the place to be for people that love to have a perfect holiday. Ibiza has literally hundreds of clubs. The top of them are San Antonio Ibiza Nightclubs: Pacha, Soul City Ibiza, Paradis, Eden and Amnesia. But remember, you must be 18 years old to enter the clubs in Ibiza.
Sometimes many people ask me what to wear to the Ibiza night clubs.

Ibiza does not have a such a strict code as in the US. You must solve it for yourself, which is convenient to you to dress in order to dance the whole night.
You can wear what you like mate, except two things! Shorts that are above the knee and Football tops. I think no beachwear and try to avoid football t-shirts. One day I saw some guys in short jogging shorts and a single in Space. Be sure Pacha dress code has the lightest codes especially during the day as people do travel to space straight from Bora Bora.
Sometimes I'm really puzzled by the dress codes and stuff. I guess if you look good.they’ll probably let you through as long as you don't look as if you have walked off the beach or a football terrace you should be ok.
The dress code Ibiza is if you not pissed and as long as you can pass your euros to the door staff and bar staff your in.
Just be yourself, more individual and original.No bermudas, no bathing suit as you're not going to the beach, and no tie as you're not going to a business meeting. Everything between.
To end this discussion the bottom line is that everyone can and should wear whatever they want to clubs and just be happy with it. In other words, to answer the question in this thread – the dress code in clubs is almost undefined as long as you know where to draw the limit, and you should know what I mean by that the Ibiza clubs dress code is very important if you want to enter the 'good' clubs. Just wear what you feel comfy in and looks good and you'll be fine. Be sure that the clubs are hot so don't wear thick trousers, shirts etc.