Discover New York City, NY, USA

  New York is the largest city in the U.S. with more than 8 million people in the heart of the city divided into five districts: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Staten Island.
Aglommeration The New Yorker has more than 21 million inhabitants, making the Big Apple one of the largest megacities of the world. It is also home to the largest stock market in Wall Street (NYSE - New York Stock Exchange) in the business district.

   Built on the east coast of the United States at the mouth of the Hudson River, the city lies mostly on the island of Manhattan, Staten Island, a large area of Long Island and on land in respect of the Bronx.

   Other smaller islands linked by bridges, subway lines and ferry transport are part of New York and aglommeration: Roosevelt Island, called by the Indians Minnahanock, Riker's Island (where there is a prison) Prall's Island (an uninhabited island that houses a bird sanctuary), Liberty Island (where stands the famous Statue of Liberty), Isle of Meadow (another uninhabited island and is declared a nature reserve), Governors Island (which was a basic U.S. military), Ellis Island (which was the main immigration center of the city), City Island (with its sailing club), Ward's Island (sparsely populated and with a park), Randall's Island (home park and facilities sports).

   Temperatures in New York are tempered by the proximity of the Atlantic Ocean. They register, however, great changes during the year. Summer can get very hot with temperatures over 30 degrees and winters can be very cold with snowfall.