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Honeymoon travels A small coral island in the Indian Ocean, Denis Island Seychelles (formerly known as Taj Denis Island) is amazing with clear crystal water and white sandy beach, Casuarinas trees, and coconut palms. It's a beautiful small Seychelles island with so few people staying on the island it's lovely, quiet and peaceful. I recommend this place for an amazing Seychelles honeymoon, a romantic getaway. There are fantastic Seychelles foods and sunsets to die for. Denis Island is a 30 minutes flight from Mahé. Flights to Denis are currently on Sundays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays.

The arrival on Denis Island is also very special. A tiny little plane carrying no more than 20 passengers glides you over the pretty islands below, If you want to get pictures of Denis from the air, sit on the left hand side of the plane flying out to Denis and on the right hand side for the return Journey as the pilot circles the island a few times and the view is incredible.

Denis Island has 23 Deluxe Cottages, one Family Villa known as the “Villa Prince Noir” recommended for families, offers a separate bedroom with a lounge that can accommodate 2 children under 12 years of age and one Executive Villa known as the “Bois D’Argent” Ideal for couples.

Been there for a week with my husband. We can not wait to get back again. It is just fantastic. It truly is paradise, and I will try to upload some photos. There isn't much seychelles things to do on Denis Island, except read, go for a wander around this seychelles island (beware the giant spiders), and visit the fabulous turtles (who seemed to be particularly randy around 2pm!) .We stayed in a seychelles beachfront chalet (№14) which was at the end of the row and so very private, we didn't see another soul walk by for the whole seven days and six nights! This chalet is furthest away from the airstrip. It is absolutely gorgeous. It was cleaned three times a day. An evening turns down service which often came complete with a host of petals and candles. It was very romantic. The outdoor shower was fabulous, as was the double jet indoor one, and the bath! There are plenty of toiletries there so don't worry about taking your own. There are toothbrushes in case you forget yours. But if I have to pick something I’d maybe suggest they upgrade their towels!

There is a seychelles spa service that will come to your room. As a treat for being on seychelles honeymoon, we both opted for a massage on the terrace of our chalet, over looking our beach and the ocean. The denis island is small enough to walk around most of it in an hour or so. They have a woodland area, a farm , small village, an ancient lighthouse built in 1910, a redundant copra mill, the St Denis Chapel, and various conservation projects around the island that you can wander around. As seychelles attractions they have a seychelles dive center found here, and among the marine life you can expect to see below the ocean surface are whale sharks, manta rays, turtles, and dolphins. We were full board and the seychelles food was excellent. Buffet style breakfasts and lunches mean that you can eat as little or as much as you like. We weren't huge fans of eating fish before we went, but we have been well and truly converted. There were many different types of fish to eat and we enjoyed them all, particularly Sail Fish.

Drinks are expensive – like everywhere in the Seychelles hotels.

The staff exceeded eve ry possible dream of ours by creating the most beautiful wedding you can imagine. The attention to detail not just for our seychelles wedding but for every aspect of our stay was perfect. The staff is always happy to help you but will leave you along should that be your wish. You can sit on your terrace or beach and relax with no one disturbing you. Denis Island Seychelles makes this a holiday you'll remember forever!

We're certainly going back to this little place of heaven on earth!

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