Day Trip to Windsor Castle, United Kingdom from London, UK

In 1066 when was Windsor Castle built, a former medieval castle, it took all day long to get to Windsor Castle from the Tower of London. Now, trains to Windsor from London Waterloo Station take just under an hour and arrive at Windsor and Eton Riverside Station, a few minutes walk from Windsor Castle.  


Windsor Castle is a royal palace, in Windsor in the English county of Berkshire, notable for its long royal history and its architect.

Royal Windsor Castle has above to 1,000 rooms and a 13-acre estate, it also claims "the world's largest inhabited castle". Interestingly enough, while Windsor Castel has been expanded and re-built over the centuries, Windsor castle architecture outside walls and central mound remain in the same position as those of the original structure that was built in the 11th century.

But Windsor Castle is not just an inhabited castle. The Windsor Castle is one of the Queen Elizabeth II three official residences, and is often said to be Queen's favorite. It is a residence of the royal family for 950 years, that is why it has another title of "the longest serving royal residence". More than five hundred people live and work in Windsor, making it the largest inhabited castle in the world.


Windsor Castle Windsor has featured in many historic occasions. In 2002, the Queen Mother passed peacefully in her sleep in the castle at age 101 and in 2005, Charles Prince of Wales got married to Camilla Parker-Bowles.

When you take Windsor Castle tours, keep a look out for the Royal Standard, for when it flies over the Round Tower it means that Queen Elizabeth II herself is the castle.

The town center of Windsor is very walkable.

There are a lot of Windsor attractions and Windsor activities. The Windsor town provides a great setting for simple life pleasures, with great Windsor restaurants, Windsor shops, Windsor spas and entertainment,  Legoland Windsor. Legoland Windsor is a must things to do in Windsor with kids. There is a wide of Windsor hotels available for all budgets.


In May, the Windsor town hosts the country's main equestrian show, the Royal Windsor Horse Show and Tattoo, while in July this year a new event, Horses for Heroes, will feature 2,000 horses parad­ing around Windsor Great Park. Last but not least, the castle has its own Windsor Changing of the Guard ceremony, which takes place at 11.00 daily (except Sundays) from April through July.

How to Get to Windsor Castle By Car: traveling to Windsor Castle from London by car is a short hour drive from London City, just look west of London city by A30. Windsor Castle parking are below the castle. Be sure not to park in the car park directly to the rear of the Theatre Royal.


How to get to Windsor Castle from London by Train: traveling to Windsor Castle from London by train London Windsor Castle departs from Paddington Stn with 30 min train ride. Direct trains leave London Waterloo and Paddington station. The castle is a short walk from the arrival station and is impossible to miss.
How to get to Windsor Castle from London by bus: traveling to Windsor Castle from London by Bus is very easy. There is a regular bus London Windsor or like Briton often called coach London Windsor.
Actually Windsor Castle tour is a very popular destination for a day trip by bus.

How to get to Windsor from Heatrow airport London. Heathrow Airport London is at the west end of London. Windsor is further west. So, if you are coming or going from Heathrow airport Windsor, you are closer to Windsor than if you're starting your trip London Windsor.
Try to catch an early morning train London Windsor or bus London Windsor to make the most of your day and go straight to the Windsor castle to avoid long lines to buy Windsor Castle tickets during the day.

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