Day Trip to Saint Tropez France

The small fishing village of Saint-Tropez gained popular­ity at the end of the 19th century as a vacation destination for writers and artists such as Jean-Paul Sartre and Henri Matisse. The trend continued with the generations of celebrities in the 20th and 21st centuries: Brigitte Bardot, Mick Jagger, Cindy Crawford, Bruce Willis, Beyonce and many others. The quiet village has since turned into a meeting place of the world's fashionable elite. Now St.Tropez is the 'playground to jetsetters, fashion models, and millionaires' thanks to Brigitte Bardot. The best time to visit St.Tropez is during the months of April (a little cool but nice), May and the end of September into October.

 In the film “And Cod Created Woman” , Brigitte Bardot says that she loves the sea, sun, hot sand, music and delicious food. Of course, her character lived in San Tropez France, which offers plenty of every­thing she listed. SantTrope France is the place for romance, relaxation, sightseeing and fun. The prices are not as high and cheaper than in Monaco. If you want to go there take a bike with you.

Among Saint Tropaz events is a regatta is held in the bay of St-Tropes (Les Voiles de St. Tropez) in early October each year.

While local residents still fish mackerel, today their boats are overshadowed by the town's fleet of luxurious super-yachts. The provincial charm, however, remains guarded by the ancient citadel, a church dating from the 18th century, a vibrant market and narrow, time-worn streets.

People come to Saint-Tropez to wake up at noon, relax on a private beach during the day and at night hop from expensive restaurants to even more expensive nightclubs. Free entertainment can still be found, and is provided by public folk festivities such as Les Bravades, a festival in honour of the city's patron, Saint Torpes (16-18 May), and the traditional Fishermen celebration (3 July).

St.Tropez is a town, 104 km to the east of Marseille. One major reason the stars are attracted to Saint Tropex is its relative isolation. Those without their own yacht or not thrilled at the idea of paying EUR 750 for a helicopter transfer from Nice, need to catch a train to neighbouring St. Raphael and then a ferry or taxi to Saint Troper also consider going to Saint-Tropez by boat.

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