Day Trip to Liverpool from London, United Kingdom

Liverpool seems rather beautiful and cozy, especially thanks to its riverside location. Liverpool England have a lot of things to do in Liverpool and a lot of Liverpool museums. This quiet port city normally does not stand out on a map of Great Britain but it has gained its importance thanks to Liverpool The Beatles. And thanks to the legendary foursome millions have discovered the won­derful flavor of Liverpool UK.  

The history of Liverpool dates to 1207, when a small settlement was founded at the mouth of the Mersey River. From the 17th century onward the local port steadily developed and received the status of a city in 1880. Today the population of Liverpool stands at 435,000 people. Its large number of old buildings has made the city popular among film­makers, with directors alternately turning it into London, Paris, New York.

Seven years ago, scenic waterfront areas won Liverpool a place on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list. The massive Albert Dock with its red columns is recognized as the unofficial symbol of Liverpool, is one of Liverpool attractions as is the majestic panorama of the city featuring the "Three Graces" what locals call the three building complex: the Royal Liver Building, the Cunard Building and the Port of Liver­pool Building
With Liverpool being Britain's fourth-largest city, it has no urban bustle. What a fine pleasure to wander about its old cobbled streets! One of them took me to the grand St. Georges Hall — the most beautiful structure in the city built in the mid-19th century.
The most prominent building in the city, which can be observed from almost every corner, is the Liverpool Anglican Cathedral, Britain's largest at 188 meters in length, and covering a total area of over 9,500 square meters, stands 100 meters tall with its bell tower. The big­gest organ in the country plays beneath its Gothic arches. A few blocks away stands the modern building of the Roman Catholic Metropolitan Cathedral. Locals call it "Paddy's Wigwam" for its unusual shape, which indeed resembles a huge wigwam.
Liverpool is also known for its rich cultural life, boasting more galleries and national museums than any other city in Britain except London. Unsur­prisingly in 2007 it was named the cultural capital of Europe.
If you interesting how to get to Liverpool from London. From London Euston station, take a train London Liverpool and when you'll return take a train Liverpool London. The journey takes three hours.

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