Day Trip to Hampton Court, Surrey, England, UK

Hampton Court Palace is located in Surrey that is to the southwest of London, along the River Thames. Hampton Court Palace is definitely worth a visit. It is very easy to get to Hampton Court from London. The journey takes only 35 minutes, and the Hampton Court Palace is in 200 meters walking across the bridge from the station. It is very good idea for day trip from London. But if you would like to stay there are even several charming Hampton Court apartments on the territory of palace. Hampton Court palace England is rich of beauty and tradition and Hampton Court palace is must see in Surrey.

Hampton court palace like as Buckingham palace was not originally intended as a royal residence. Hampton Court Palace was the home of Thomas Wolsey then it was confiscated  by King Henry the Eighth (the English king who is famous for having had six wives) in the early part of his reign. Henry VIII liked this palace. Thanks him all designed to turn it into a true royal residence. Sir Christopher Wren, the architect of Big Ben and the House of Parliament, was involved in the design and construction of the Hampton cour palace to try to fulfil the King Henry VIII wishes and transformed the palace into a rival of Versailles in France. Today Hampton Court England contains some of the finest examples of Tudor architecture anywhere.  During Hampton Court palace Henry VIII red bricks that used to build the palace were an innovative, luxurious building material for only rich Tudors.

  Sadly a fire in Hampton Court place broke out in 1986, which spread to the King's Apartments. Most of it has restored very meticulously. Today, everybody can buy Hampton court tickets and visit Hampton Court Palace Surrey, and is a major UK tourist attraction. Be sure to visit Hampton Court Maze that is a definite must-see on a day trip to Hampton Court.

The palace's Home Park is the site of the annual Hampton Court Palace Festival and Hampton Court Palace Flower Show. In 2010 the castle celebrated the 500-year jubilee of King Henry the Eighth accession to the throne.

how to get to Hampton Court by train : Hampton Court is in Travel Zone 6. Trains run from London Waterloo to Hampton Court.
how to get to Hampton Court by bus: getting to Hampton Court by bus is very easy there several bus routs from London to Hampton Court: 216, 411, 451, R68, 513.
getting from From Heathrow Airport to Hampton Court take the 111 bus.
getting to Hampton Court palace by car: The Hampton Court palace is located on the A308 and is well signposted
getting to Hampton court by river boat: you can get Hampton court boat. It takes three and a half hours from Westminster is for a picturesque trip.