Cheap eats in London for student, UK

   London is very expensive, but eating in London doesn't have to be always expensive. There are plenty of places to eat cheap in London, you just need to know where to go for cheap London eats.
Here is my advise how to get cheap food or meals for students in London.
First of all try to find Fish and chips London or fish 'n' chips London, or maybe fish supper London, it’s a popular take-away food, consists of fried fish with fried potatoes, traditionally sold wrapped in newspaper. How to get cheap food or meals for students in London. Order from cafes ‘greasy spoons’ and some pubs full English’ breakfast for all day long.

    English breakfast  include bacon, eggs, sausages, grilled tomato, baked beans, mushrooms, tea, and toast/fried bread. There are plenty of variations on this and some places allow you to choose them individually so you can lower the price again.

    At worst, there is always McDonald's London, Burger King London, KFC London and Subway London.
Try London Lebanese cuisine on the Edgware Road. Edgware Road it is not tourist spot, but if you go to Lebanese restaurant in London to try hummus, the chicken shawarma sandwich. Edgware Road is situated 5 minutes walk from Marble Arch Tube Station. Cheap eats in Chelsea for student is Lebanese supermarket on upper Berkeley street you find Lebanese pizzas, rotisserie chicken, ice cream, desserts.

    Try London Italian restaurants for pizza its not cheap, but its under a tenner.
How to dine for less than a fiver in London. First of all you can try cafes at the London malls . In the department stores London, such as M & S, there are a plenty cafe that offer not only coffee and sandwiches but also light salads. Try department store on Oxford Street London, there is  cheap place to eat in London on the top floor of John Lewis, there are dessert, hot and cold dishes.
Chinese restaurants London and Indian restaurants London are generally good value for less money.