Cable Car in San Francisco, California, USA

     Today’s ride the cable car is one of the main attractions San Francisco and a real gift for the inquisitive travelers. Cable car began running in San Francisco since 1873 and they were really necessary for the transportation of passengers. Today’s cable cars ride is for tourists and, in my opinion, this is one of the best opportunities to see the city and make a few dozen excellent photos.

    The fact that the cable cars are not much different from those which were used 100 years ago: they have a bench, not covered with glass. Also you can take pictures while standing on the steps of the tram. Besides the cable car ride is cheap around$5 each way and if you would like to know how to save on fares is about $13 per day ticket.

    There are three cable car routes in operations in San Francisco — Powell-Hyde, Powell-Mason and California Street. Ride the cable car is a great way to get from Down Town to Fisherman's Wharf, which is considered the ultimate souvenir place of Frisco.

    Among other things, the cable car ride in Frisco is a great way to tickle your nerves, especially for those passengers who sit near the driver. The fact that the management of a tram going through two large metal levers (first acts as a gas pedal, and the second - the brake pedal). As long as you ride on the flat area or up, everything goes fine, but when San Francisco trolleys rushe down the famous hills of San Francisco, and looming somebody's Lexus, or truck, it becomes frightening. However, we should not fear too much: rope tram drivers experienced enough to avoid a collision.