Brooklyn Bridge, New York City, NY, USA

     The Brooklyn Bridge stretches over the East River between Manhattan Island (which lies district of New York City) and Long Island (which is Brooklyn). In the early years of the bridge, it was called New York or Brooklyn, but since 1915 the bridge was officially approved as the current name.

Brooklyn Bridge was opened with great fanfare in 1883. The construction took 13 years. The names of John Rebling, Washington and Emily Rebling inscribed on the building as the names of its creators.
Two years after construction began John Reblingu in an accident shattered his leg, making him incompetent, and then obtained due to injury infection is finally brought him to the grave. Project management has passed to his son Washington. However , soon after the new head of paralysis due to causes decompression sickness, resulting in underwater work. The matter of her husband decided to complete Emily Rebling. Under the leadership of Washington, she studied advanced mathematics, strength of materials, specific construction of suspension bridges. And for 11 years, supervised the construction of the bridge.

The opening ceremony was attended by several thousand people, and the first day of the bridge carriages passed in 1800 and moved 150,300 people. But the first man, who crossed the bridge, was Emily Rebling.

In those days, the Brooklyn Bridge was remarkable not only for its length (1825 feet), but also for its neo-Gothic towers. Their height is 83 meters and during a few years they were the highest construction of the Western Hemisphere. People who lived in the XIX century hit form a bridge across the East River, and as a result of the bridge became a symbol of American progress.

Now, on the bridge - six lanes for cars. And one more - in the center - for pedestrians and cyclists.

How to photo: The most spectacular images of the bridge can be obtained at night, photographed from Brooklyn. Also nice photos taken on the footpath.