British Royal Wedding 2011 London, UK

   Before the main event of the world of secular life - the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton,  which will be in April 29th, there is less time. And every day there are new details of the wedding. So, Softmark became known that the night before the ceremony the bride will hold a five-star hotel in London Hotel Goring (Beeston Place, London). There will stop her relatives and friends. This luxury hotel was once very fond of the Queen Mother Elizabeth. For tourists who come to London to welcome the young, the city deployed a camp for 10 thousand seats. But there is another opportunity to experience the atmosphere of a wedding celebration and see the fabulous ceremony. Many hotels in the world are ready to offer its guests online broadcast of the wedding, as well as the royal apartments of the royal service.

In London
Of course, in order not to miss a single detail, it is better to be the center of events - in London. Especially for fans of the royal family and lovers of elegant holiday Hyatt Regency London - The Churchill (30 Portman Square, London) has created two "weddings" offer.
From April 28 to May 2, guests can book a package of "Royal luxury. "Luxury" - key word, since all the services under this Invitation to a royal wedding programme organized on a grand scale. Thus, the proposal includes: Accommodation in the royal apartments (one of the largest private apartments in London), personal butler services of a personal chef, airport transfers by car Daimler DS420 - these models are part of the royal cortege.

Twenty-seven guests will meet in April with Robert Jobson- a royal biographer, who will present his book "William and Kate: a love story." In addition to the story about the perpetrators of the coming triumph of bestselling author tells a lot about the other members of the royal family and court environments. Finally, Mr. Jobson will bring five copies of his book autographed, as well as exclusive leather-bound edition.
On the day of the royal wedding, April 29, offering guests a car trip across London in a limousine, whose windows you will see a parade in honor of the marriage. The culmination of the day - four course dinner and a visit to the Royal Opera House, which will give the "Tsar's Bride" by Rimsky-Korsakov.

On Saturday and Sunday, the hotel organizes tours to the palaces, accompanied by an expert on the history of the royal estates of David Thompson. You can visit the Tower of London, the Royal estate in Greenwich, Kensington Palace - the former residence of Princess Diana, Hampton Court, with its gardens and famous maze of hedges.
Daimler DS420V price also includes gifts to the guests: a set of chocolate truffles, released a limited edition in honor of the wedding, from Prestat; flower decoration of apartments from the florist Prince of Wales, and a series of cosmetic products for the bathroom from the company Floris.
Offer price is £ 30,000.

The second package of services from Hyatt Regency London-The Churchill - «Introduction to the royal heritage" - a more affordable, but no less interesting. It includes: accommodation for two, a traditional English breakfast, a favorite cocktail of the royal family, the gift set chocolate truffles from Prestat, visit three royal palaces and a copy of the book by Robert Jobson. Take advantage of this package of services can be from 1 April to 30 September, the cost - from £ 340 per night.