Bouillon Belgium Travel Guide

In the country's southern region of Wallonia, tourists often seek out Bouillon. It is close to the French border and lies in the south of Belgian province of Luxembourg.  Bouillon is the family manor of the Bouillon dukes situated in the quiet surroundings of the winding Semois River withdrawn in the deep Ardennes forest. This tiny place only accessible by bus or car recalls the history of the Crusades and the Order of the Knights Templar. The village of Bouillon is small and the castle, far from being one of the largest or nicest, but still, it gives a historical character to the place.

The village is quite cute and architecture of houses differs from those around Brussels. It is now a tourist city, where people who like to spend their holidays in green surroundings.

According to legend, Peter the Hermit, an initiator of the Crusades in medieval Europe, lived in the neighbouring Abbey d'Orval. From the old fortress that overlooks the town, his disciple Duke Godfrey of Bouillon set out for Jerusalem to become the first keeper of the Holy Sepulcher. In keeping with tradition then, when you enter the Old Ardennes Tavern, ask for a glass of the nearly 1,000-year-old beer "d'Orval" (local "Godfrey of Bouillon" brand is also available, but "Orval" is a must). Sit with your beer glass at an old wooden table beneath vintage oak beams and beer mugs hanging from the ceiling and enjoy the moment. This is classic Belgium; there are no words to describe what simply must be experienced in person! Nearby Bouillon is the small town of Dinant, which is located on the picturesque River Meuse. Its mysterious citadel looms over the town from its steep and rocky promontory. Unique local caves are worth exploring too, as is the Abbey of Leffe; the site that gave the famous Belgian abbey beer its name.