The best way to get from London, UK to Paris, France

Paris is a great symbol of France. The city is as beautiful during the day as it is at night. The boats rides down the river, the tour of the Eiffel Tower and the visit to the museum are just great. Walking arm in arm, soaking up city life from a sidewalk café, pausing only to look into your partner's eyes. This city is the most beautiful in the world; it must be seen by everybody.

And London it is great seeing all the history they have. You can instantly fell in love with everything Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, London Eye everything. Museums awesome wonderful experience for the kids. Public transport can get you where ever you need to go. Have a pint in a pub or visit a famous London tea room. London is full of history and charm.

You can spend your time discovering London and Paris. London Paris are two of the most visited cities in Europe. Now they are closer than ever. It is possible to travel to two countries in the same day. Be aware, there is a one hour time difference between London and Paris. It`s good idea for day trip London Paris.

6 May 1994 Eurostar changed the way people traveled between London and Paris. The Channel Tunnel is a 50.5 km (31.4 miles) undersea rail tunnel linking Folkestone, Kent in England with Coquelles, near Calais in northern France.

There are two reasonably priced transportation options available: a low-cost, intra-European airline such as EasyJet, or the high-speed Eurostar train.

Flights London Paris:

London EasyJet travel time : an hour and 15 minutes

EasyJet flies to Paris from London's Luton Airport, located 32 miles from central London.

Travel from London to Paris, midweek flights in August on EasyJet from London's Luton airport to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris for around £46.86 round-trip including taxes and fees. Each flight you book will automatically include one hold bag (up to 20kg) per person. Before you fly, you'll have to get from London's center to Luton Airport, (travel time 1h45min for bus ride). From the Charles de Gaulle airport, it's a 35-minute train ride to the center of Paris. Your journey will take about five hours and 35 minutes each way.

London Paris Eurostar

Eurostar from Paris to London is a good idea. You'll speed from the center of London to central Paris in 2hrs 15mins and 2hrs 26 on the high-speed direct train (depending on which time you depart)

For travel from St Pancras International, London to Gare du Nord International, Paris in August on the midweek round-trip discount youth fares including taxes and fees. Then you can take a Paris TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse or High Speed Train) to Avignon, Marseille, Nîmes, Montpellier, Perpignan, Lyon, Bordeaux, Rennes ,Nantes, through the countryside or take the overnight 'Train Bleu' from Paris to Cannes, Antibes, Nice or Monte Carlo.

The train is a wonderful trip, and the time spent in the tunnel under La Manche is only about 20 minutes. Eurostar fares can be quite reasonable if booked in advance.

How you can save

Plane - by the time you have added in the fare to and from the airports at either end and the cost of the flight, this won't be cheaper than the other 2 options even if you get a really good deal from a no frills airline. If you take flight, you'll need to factor in the transportation cost to/from airports plus time on security check-ins and such. Keep an eye on the Eurostar website for special offers. The earlier you book, the cheaper your ticket. However take care with booking there are a couple of trains a day which stop via Calais and are not high-speed and then this can take over 4 hours. For the cheapest way  Paris London compare the costs of leaving your car behind and taking the Eurostar, leaving your car behind and taking a flight (in both cases, figure out how much it would cost to pay for parking and getting to and from the train station or airport), and driving your car (you can estimate the gas costs) and taking the ferry. Since costs may vary depending on your travel dates, this is the easiest way to figure it out.

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