Belgian Beer Weekend in Brussels, Belgium

Belgium is known as the "Beer Kingdom", with its myriad lagers, ales, fruit-filled potations and unfiltered beers adding a gourmet zest to the country. Beer is a subject of national pride and an integral part of the local culture. In every region this popular drink has a unique flavor. Every village, every monastery (which are plen­tiful in Belgium) carefully follow time-honored recipes when brewing the 600 varieties of beer found here and nowhere else! Among Belgian beer list There are even  Belgian raspberry beer, Belgian fruit beers, white Belgian beer, Belgian Trappist beers.
In the town of Leuven , near Brus­sels, there is a brewing academy at the local university, which is incidentally one of the oldest in Europe. For an even more unique taste, local cellars- some more than 500 years old - produce numerous sorts of exclusive Belgian abbey beer. Belgian Trappist beer are Belgian beer brewing in a monastery.This drink, served in a sophisticated glass with a specific label, is everywhere unique and quintessential Belgian in taste. Believe us, after just a few sips anyone can become a devote fan of this beer! After a few pints and a clearer view of the world, it is time to pay tribute to historical and cultural monuments which abound in Belgium. Also try Belgian lambic beer that have created with a fruit taste or even coconut tastes which is produced by spontaneous fermentation: it is exposed to the wild yeasts and bacteria that are said to be native to Brussels.
Using beer as a compass, hop from region to region and experience various monastic breweries all across the country: the abbeys of Orval and Rochefort in the south-east, Leffe and Ciney abbeys in the centre, or Chimay and Vestmalle in the north-west. More recently the towns Of Ghent and Bruges have become highly popular among tourists tor their local brews.

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