Beach relax in New York City, USA

New York is not common place for a beach holiday, but during the year here comes a huge number of people. In summer, they suffer greatly from the local heat and occasionally tempted to swim. Specially for them, I decided to write this post about two popular beaches of the Big Apple City.
My favorite beach is Brighton Beach, which is located close to the homonymous metro station (as a variant, fits subway Ocean Parkway). There you are waiting for fresh air and wild nature, as would say heroes of "Madagascar." Here, I like almost everything: to get very easy, fairly quiet area (the greater part of inhabitants are Jews and Russians from the former Soviet Union), plus a nice sandy beach close to the metro is a children's playground. On the road to beach from subway station you can buy fruits and drinks - they are easy to find in many Russian stores on Brighton Beach Avenue. All along the beach stretches a wooden sidewalk, which bears the name of the Boardwalk. Near it are several Russian restaurants (Winter Garden, Tatiana, Volna) and lovers of marine species can enjoy the beauty of Brooklyn coast, eating russian salad, borscht and chicken a-la Kiev.

If you go on the Boardwalk to the west, you can walk up to the second of the famous beach of New York - Coney Island (as an alternative, you can get there by subway and get off at Coney Island - Stillwell Avenue). For many years at Coney Aylnde were situated famous attractions and some of this place has retained its charm during this time. It’s worth to eat a hot-dog or cheese-cake, roll on the carousel and, of course, swim .Llovers of city extreme will be interested to know that regulars of this place contributed to the development of the English language: here twas coined the phrase "Coney Island White Fish", which means "used condom found on the beach."