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  A mysterious and remote island of Barbados is located in the eastern Caribbean and is a part of the Lesser Antilles. The small island state, with an area of ​​only 430 square kilometers, is located 480 kilometers off the northern coast of Venezuela.Island on the west by the warm Caribbean Sea and the east - the waters of the Atlantic, so in Barbados a few cool and windy than on other islands in the Caribbean chain.
The island of Barbados began to grow roots Europeans from the XVI century. Since about 1625 the island became a British colony. Barbados became a parliamentary republic, but British administration didn’t abolishe slavery and even was brought slaves from Africa, who worked on sugar plantations. In 1966 the Caribbean island gained independence. During the times of English colonization had absorbed some of the traditions of the Great British Empire. For example, the locals has the habit of drinking tea after lunch, playing golf, polo and cricket.

The climate of the island contributes to the fact that exotic vacation in Barbados - one of the most comfortable in the Caribbean. Water and air temperatures throughout the year virtually unchanged, and hovering around +28 – +25 C. Barbados is a coral origin, and corals are an excellent filter for water. That’s why the coast of the island is recognized as one of the cleanest in the Western Hemisphere. Are very popular tours in Barbados is also thanks to the excellent beach holiday, a lot of beautiful beaches with fine pinkish or white sand - a distinctive feature of the island.

Southern shore of the island - an ideal place for active recreation, particularly windsurfing. Here you can meet the current Atlantic and Caribbean Sea, which makes it necessary for a wave of athletes extreme. Classic night life, as it is commonly understood in the larger world resorts, in Barbados is almost absent. For that people, who wishing evening and night entertainments – we can recommend bars, discos and restaurants. Therefore rest in Barbados - is, first and foremost, peace, silence, sea and gorgeous beaches.

The capital of Barbados, Bridgetown is located in the southwestern part of the island on the coast (which is on the west coast are the best and most modern hotels in Barbados). Bridgetown - one of the largest ports in the Caribbean. The central part of town is decorated with Trafalgar Square in a nutshell, erected by the British. Also the capital of Barbados is known for the fact that the American president George Washington is the only time during his rule has left the United States and chose for his journey Bridgetown. It happened in 1751.

This small exotic country has its own currency - the Barbados dollar, which equals about 50 U.S. cents. Nevertheless, in Barbados without a problem accept United States and Canada and all kinds of credit cards. Banks in the country do not operate on Saturdays and Sundays.

Although Barbados - a little exotic country, roads are in excellent condition (on the island drive on the left). Find an item on the rental car is not a problem, but this service is not cheap. In order to drive on in Barbados, calls for an international or local driver's license (for last you can pay only ten Barbados dollars). Also popular on the island of taxis and buses that connect the major hotels of Barbados, with public transport in Barbados is considered one of the most comfortable in the Antilles.

In order for an exotic vacation in Barbados, leaving only a good impression, there are all conditions. For lovers of leisurely walks developed special routes. Among the popular excursions - exploring the island by helicopter, walk on the sea on yachts and even a submarine, visiting the factories where manufactured local rum, visiting nature reserves and the local zoo.

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