Amsterdam for kids

Things to do with kids in Amsterdam, Netherlands

If you're travelling with children, you can find a lot of interesting and really exciting places to visit in Amsterdam.  I hope to share with you the lesser known, but charmingly child-friendly face of Amsterdam.  

  A short walk from Central Station, past the cluster of quirky house boats, looms science center Nemo. A perfect place to spend a day with kids if you're looking for a activities for older children. You can stay at Nemo for 8 hours and even more, all day long easily, this place is like Wonderland. So many interactive things to try, so many amazing ideas and such creativity. The shop there has amazing toys, games etc for all budgets and luggage spaces.

After you can go to Maritime Museum, it's located in 5 minutes from Nemo. Your kids will be excited to see replica of a 1749 Dutch ship (cargo ship of the Dutch East India Company) is docked near museum, where kids climb aboard to play pirate. 

The oldest zoo on the European continent, Artis has an alphabet soup of wildlife: alligators, birds, chimps and so on up to zebras. This Zoo is unique for a city zoo and it has a great collection of animals. It is as if you are in a old village with lovely buildings. The garden is beautiful and it is a relaxing place as for kids as for their parents.

Your kids will enjoy Kinderkookkafé (Children's Cook Café), where children suit up in aprons and chef hats to whip up all sorts of creations, from pizzas and sandwiches to chocolate croissants and cookies. 

If your children enjoy horses, consider a stop at the nearby Hollandsche Manege (Dutch Riding School), where they can watch people of all ages learning to ride. 

Rijksmuseum is nice place to visit with kids too. The collection of Rembrant's is very impressive, especially the Night Watchman painting. This museum is worthy of a few hours of your time. Kids can join "Gordon the Warden" in search of a model ship, a doll's house and more masterpieces.

In Van Gogh Museum you and your kids can find an audio tour, weekend workshops, treasure hunts and coloring pages to help your kids enjoy famous Dutch painter. 

Tropenmuseum has enough colourful stuff from all over the world to impress everyone including adults.

Amsterdamse Bos is a hudge park build during the early years of the 20th century. It is one of the nicest parks near Amsterdam which runs from Amsterdam Zuid, to Schiphol Airport and Amstelveen. Amsterdamse Bos to the adorable goat farm where children can feed and pet the animals too.