All about the Las Vegas hotel MGM Grand, Nevada USA

    1. MGM Grand was one of three hotel casinos which robbed by Oushen friends. This is not the most important thing you should know but I'm sure your friends will remember only this.

2. The symbol of the hotel is a lion — his gilded statue installed outside of the wing, which overlooks the Las-Vegas Boulevard (aka Strip). In the hotel there cage with lions, but they appear in it too often and most of the time peacefully asleep.

3. To have breakfast you can use the hotel’s buffet — for a nominal fee you can eat whatever you want, including a good selection of Japanese dishes. But if you want to please your stomach, go to Stage Deli — Jewish restaurant on the ground floor, where you can order a delicious matzo ball soup? fantastic sandwiches with turkey, tuna and smoked meat - pastrami.

4. You are prone to colds and runny nose? Bring plenty of paper napkins. Nowhere in the world I didn’t pay for a small package of paper napkins as expensive as in LV. Incidentally, the Strip is a grocery store and there cloths are much cheaper.

5. If you want to win at roulette, do not sit down at the machine - my friend and I lost outright, since our machines sent the ball on the "zero" four times. Play against the dealer by betting on red or black - in this case you have more chance of success.

6. At MGM Grand installed Horse Races - old mechanical simulator races. Win a large sum is almost impossible, but if you don’t wish $10, you might want to hold him for several hours.

7. MGM Grand - a paradise for sports fans. Stage Deli next to the restaurant is a huge room with lots of monitors, which are broadcast simultaneously all the most important sporting events. If you believe that the NY Knicks win, bets can be made on the spot.

8. If you want to drink in a bar, grab a passport or driver's license. If you have not yet turned 21,
you can’t drink.
9. Near the hotel there is a monorail train station, which help you to reach the exhibition center. True, if you going a few people, a taxi will be cheaper.

10. For shopping at the hotel is not a good idea- the range of shops is poor. However, in Las Vegas there are a lot of Las Vegas shopping malls where you can buy everything you need.

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