Alcatraz Tour, San Francisco, California, USA

   Alcatraz is the most famous prison in United States, located on a rocky island in the vicinity of San Francisco. Excursion in the prison starts from the upper levels, where prisoners were tame in categories D and C. Their cells were warmer and had barred windows.

At the lower level contained a moderately aggressive category B prisoners Going down to the very bottom level is clearly seen as strengthening control over the lives of prisoners and deteriorating conditions of their detention - all in sight and shoot through. Plus silence: for talking between the chambers relied cell.

Alcatraz is famous for its legendary prisoners. Here has been moved from federal prison in Atlanta Al Capone. Here he spent on the general grounds for seven years and then because of the progressive syphilis was transferred in 1938 to another prison, where he died a natural death. Buried Al Capone in Chicago, but since his mausoleum has often been vandalized, the body reburied with a modest name plate.
Another famous prisoner for 17 years was self-taught ornithologist Robert Stroud "Birdman." His amazing story is the film "Birdman of Alcatraz" with Burt Lancaster. Sitting here and Gun Kelly, Mafioso from era of Prohibition, as well as Arthur Barker, desperate desperado.

Over 29 years of existence of the prison was carried out 14 escape attempts, which was attended by 36 prisoners. Six shot dead while trying to escape, 23 were captured, two of them strangled gas in the prison of San Quentin, California. Two prisoners drowned while trying to cross the bay, some could not swim themselves returning back to the island for its portion of the gas behind the escape.

Alcatraz Island has experienced only one riot. Two officers were killed, 18 people were wounded protection. Rebellion was put down marines. Instigators were sent to the gas chambers.

Alcatraz served as the basis for several films: "Escape from Alcatraz" with Clint Eastwood - the history escape Anglin brothers, already referred to "Birdman of Alcatraz" with Burt Lancaster, "The Curse of Alcatraz prison" with Tom Gardner and Jesse Camacho, "The Rock" with Sean Connery and "New Alcatraz" with Dean Cain. The last two of them - thriller-fantasy. And how many wonderful books written about Alcatraz Island and its legendary prisoners!

In 1962 the prison was closed because of excessive spending: the prisoners were spending $10 per day, compared with $ 1.00-1.10 in the whole country as a prison on the island had to bring even drinking water. After the closure of the local Indians seized the island, he built there a haven for hippies. However, soon forcibly evicted them from there, and now the island is part of the Golden Gate National Park and brings the state $5 million a year.

Notes for the traveler: you can book trips to Alcatraz through the Internet or to agree on a place in the area of ​​Pier 33, Pier 36 or Fisherman's Wharf. Also we recommend to take jacket, fleece or sweater with neck - otherwise you can catch a cold.

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