5 things you should know about the hotel The Venetian, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

    1. The Las Vegas Venetian hotel is very conveniently located right next to the monorail station. This is very handy if you need quickly get to the Conventional Center, or to see friends who have stayed at MGM Grand.

2. As you may have guessed, the interior of the hotel like Venice, but his business card are genuine gondoliers, who are eager to ride you on the most real channels, laid on the ground floor level. Is it worth the pleasure of much cheaper than in Venice, so be sure to get a camera and take pictures.

3. One of the most exciting experiences – shopping in the hotel, for which built an entire city block in the Venetian style. Quarter supplemented very similar to St. Marks Square and the fantastic artificial sky through which float illusory cloud. In my opinion, the sky can be called one of the main symbols of Las Vegas - the city where people get a chance to see copies of the masterpieces of architecture and ensure that it is often valued more forgeries of the originals.

4. The Venetian has several large conference halls, so if you need a place for press conference, please contact the hotel. Also on the lower floors of the hotel quite a lot of free rooms, which can be used for meetings with journalists and demonstration of new devices. Anyway, this is one reason that like the organizers of such exhibitions as CES (Consumer Electronics Show).

5. The Venetian - the best place in Las Vegas for a tasty Italian cuisine and I highly recommend dinner at one of the numerous Italian restaurants, located on the site.

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