5 Things to Do in Genoa, Italy

1. To get started you will need to show all your ingenuity and skill of the driver to find parking in the downtown area. If to all of the parking lot will be free, consider yourself Good and the sponsor of tomorrow. The fact that Genoa is built on the coastal hills, and so in this city is very difficult to find space for a car. Whom neither in the case so stick to the historical center - its narrow streets is difficult to park even a moped. Personally, I recommend looking for a place on the wide streets adjacent to Via 20 Settembre.

2. Photo taken at the fountains at the Piazza de Ferrari - the main town square. Nearby you can search gifts, but in Genoa, they are not the best quality. It is best to feel like football fans, who can buy souvenirs with the logo of football clubs Sampdoria (oh, where is the great team that won the Scudetto in 1991!) or Genova.

3. Stroll through the old town and look at its dark narrow streets.If you want to photograph, this is best done with the best camera, designed for shooting in dark places. In Genoa, almost always warm, but in those dim quarters of the sun appears only at noon, so you'll want to sip espresso.

4. Walk by the sea and take pictures of the port, yachts and ships. I am ready to do it every day in every port city and for some reason I do not get bored. For pleasure lovers I recommend a pipe with good cherry tobacco.

5. If you only have about an hour before the general meeting, walk around the shop at all the same Via 20 Settembre. Of course, Genoa - not Milan, but also on the Ligurian coast is possible to find cool shoes and nice suits. It would be the desire.

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