5 Reasons to Plan a Destination Wedding in Jamaica

  Are you ready to plan your wedding?
If yes, your first thought may be to have a beautiful ceremony at home.
Yes, this is nice, but have you considered the honeymoon destination, like Jamaica?
If not, now is the time.
Although most couples do not need convincing, you may wonder what a destination wedding better than a traditional wedding at home.

1 - The Time If you live in New York and planning a wedding in mid-July, in all likelihood you'll find the hot hot.
This is great, but the heat and humidity can leave it feeling too hot.
With the West Indies and the island of Jamaica, you do not heat just long, but the tropical weather too!
Then there's the rain.
The weather is a bit unpredictable around the world, but you are more likely to find scattered showers and thunderstorms in New York and many other areas of the United States than Jamaica.
As with a wedding at home, you have many choices of location.
Some resorts in Jamaica have chapels on site, but most give you much choice.
If you opt for a garden or a beach that combines the good weather, warm, sunny and tropical done your wedding nothing but the picture improves.

2 - all-inclusive resorts there
are many all inclusive resorts on the island of Jamaica.
You can ask what impact this has on your wedding ceremony.
These stations are the perfect place for a wedding destination.
Plus gives you many options ceremony.
If a small wedding chapel is not found locally, you can get to choose a garden, beach or a ballroom.
Most importantly, some all inclusive resorts in Jamaica give you a unique opportunity.
This is to have a free wedding ceremony.
Yes, a free wedding!
Many luxury resorts are extending an open standard for wedding guests who meet a minimum stay requirement.
This condition of stay varies depending on the Caribbean resort in question, but is usually three, five, or seven nights.
After examining a free wedding inclusions of the station, you should like what you see.
Fortunately, affordable upgrades are available if you want more.

3 - Ability to Combine Your Wedding and Honeymoon planning a wedding is a joyous experience, but it can also be stressful and time consuming.
Not only that, but you must plan before the honeymoon.
The island of Jamaica gives you another opportunity.
That is to combine your destination that combines the honeymoon in one.
Since the island is home to all-inclusive resorts, great restaurants, great activities, beautiful beaches and tropical weather, you'll have the honeymoon of your dreams.
For your honeymoon destination, you might want to stay two nights.
Extend your stay up to seven nights for your honeymoon.
Moreover, this makes it easier to qualify for the above mentioned free of the wedding could be offered.

4 - Your friends and family can come too is concern that many couples have a destination wedding guests around.
If you live in New York, California or Florida, you may wonder if your guests will travel further to the West Indies.
Honestly, some may not, but you might be surprised how many jump on the occasion.
Not only do they get to attend your wedding, but they get their own holiday to Jamaica!
Most stations have included some free passes for additional guests and available for sale.
This means that guests who stay at a different station can attend your ceremony without complications.

5 - It Will be cheaper than you thought As previously stated, many couples automatically cancel the wedding destination because of complications
planning and cost.
As previously stated, you can save money by opting for a resort with a wedding ceremony open standard, combining your wedding and your honeymoon in one trip, looking for packets to travel discounts, and so on.
There are many ways to cut the cost of an expensive wedding otherwise.
As for ease of planning, most luxury most of all-inclusive Jamaica resorts have wedding planners available.

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