10 money saving tips for cheap car hire in Dublin, Ireland

If you think of visiting Ireland in the near future, then rent a car to see the landscape and makes the journey of a lifetime!
The city of Dublin is a great starting point if you plan on exploring Ireland from behind the wheel.
Read on for some tips on how to take a case of car hire Dublin cheap.
The cheap car hire in Dublin could be obtained by the following holds.

1. Book your car hire in Dublin well in advance as the earlier you book, the more likely you will get a case of car hire Dublin cheap.
2. If you travel the best times of the year, you are likely to be quoted a rate of car hire Dublin cheap as it is far less demand for cars at this time.

3. When you book your car hire in Dublin with us, you will get a certificate stating that the book takes the point of hiring your car and office hours car hire.
If you need to hire a car outside office hours, you may get an extra costs, so this might just be cheaper to collect it the next day.
4. Book your car hire Dublin sparing you the clock and money - so watch out for special discounts and offers time to time.
The advantage is usually better value to book car hire for a long period of time, say, a few days, especially in the off-peak season.

5. Another way to get a quote for car hire Dublin cheap is to opt for a mini or economy car, like the smaller the car the cheaper it will be.
Smaller cars also cost you less in gasoline and are ideal for the narrow back roads of Ireland.
6. Planning your rental car is crucial to get a bargain car hire Dublin cheap.
For example, what time do you arrive at Dublin Airport?
If early, then it's a good idea to collect your car hire at the airport.
If that latter, you could get a taxi to your fit and take your car hire in Dublin in the morning in the city or the airport.

7. If you exceed 24 hours with your clock down so you will incur a rental cost of days extra.
For example if you take a car at 10am and return at 11am the next day it will cost you 2 days car hire as you're over 24hrs if it counted as 2 car rental days.
8. Select a hire car that meets your needs.
If you have a family in the trailer and lots of luggage then you will need additional space.
But if this is a car for two people and you will not do that much traveling, so choose a smaller car hire.
Only get additional features such as GPS if you really need them.

9. If you take your car hire at Dublin Airport and return to the same location, then you will avoid paying a fee unilateral.
10. Beware of hidden fees such as taxes and surcharges, when looking to hire cheap car in Dublin.
Of course, you will not have to worry that by booking car hire with us as the prices displayed in our final quote is the price you pay - no hidden charges with us.